As a car owner you know the importance of routine maintenance to make sure your car is safe and running at its best. One important component is the cars brake fluid, but what does brake fluid do? Below is an explanation of what brake fluid is and what it does:

  • What is Brake Fluid- Brake fluid is a combination of 3 important components solvent, lubricant, and additives. These combined components allow brake fluid to work under all temperatures while lubricating the brake system and protect it from corrosion and decomposition.
  • What Does Brake Fluid Do- Brake fluid is responsible for moving the parts of your brake system and is able to withstand extreme temperatures. When you want to stop your car, you push the brake pedal the brake caliper is compressed creating pressure in the brake lines and on the brake fluid this pressure on the brake fluid causes the brake pads to squeeze the cars wheels causing them to slow and stop.

At Bill Summers Ford LLC we want to make sure all drivers are safe so if you have any questions regarding your cars brake fluid come visit our service center at location in North Platte and speak with one of our experts.

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