Uneven tire wear and tear is not uncommon for various reasons. Front wheel tires undergo stress in front-wheel drive models. Rear-wheel tires undergo more stress in rear-wheel drive vehicles. Poor alignment and tracking cause abnormal wear on the outer edges of tires. These factors necessitate that tires be periodically balanced and rotated to ensure your vehicle' tires provide sufficient traction on the road. This is especially true in the rain and snow.

Our team of professional technicians at the Bill Summers Ford LLC garage is well-acquainted with tire care and maintenance. We remain devoted to ensuring the safety or you and your loved ones along with the longevity of your tires by performing routine inspections and service when needed. Additionally, if a road mishap should occur from a malfunctioning tire. The manufacturer may not honor the warranty if proper care has been addressed.

Stop in our service center at Bill Summers Ford LLC in North Platte for a tire inspection.


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