Although power numbers make for bragging rights among pony car owners, the devil is in the details. So while the 2018 Ford Mustang GT now boasts an impressive 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, how that power gets the bestselling muscle car moving is just as important. Configure it with these options, and you’ll hit sixty miles per hour in less than four seconds, while enjoying more cornering bite and confidence.

Standard fair on the Mustang GT includes a six-speed manual with Drag Strip mode, a feature that puts all 420 lb-ft of twist under foot during straight-line acceleration. But if you want better 0-60 times—read: under four seconds—add the GT Performance Package and ten-speed automatic transmission. It also won’t hurt to equip the Magneride Damping System—also found on the GT350—to your build for even better performance in corners, and the Shaker Pro Audio pack for both the sound system, and the 12-inch LCD instrumentation screen.

Additional equipment or not, the new Mustang GT is still plenty quick. If you’d like assistance discovering the best configuration, the sales team at our Ford dealership in North Platte, NE is on the case. Drop us a line by phone or email to get started.

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