Many people believe great things come in bigger packages, but that is not always the case. Small packages can offer great things, too. If you want proof, the 2017 Ford Fiesta is a prime example of that. This small front-drive vehicle has huge features that will make you appreciate the smaller things in life.

This 2017 Ford Fiesta is a hatchback with excellent gas mileage and an available turbocharged engine that will take you farther. With features like cruise control, parking-assist with a 360-degree camera, and a pedestal-detected system with automated emergency brakes, the 2017 Ford Fiesta has features inside and out that will meet your expectations and more.

If you are looking for a small car and big features, this 2017 Ford Fiesta is the car for you. If you are interested in this vehicle, you can contact or check out Bill Summers Ford LLC for available models and makes.

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